A Big Raspberry and A Rap on The Knuckles to the Bay Guardian

One final thought on the Ma/Reilly debate – and the issue of media coverage of campaigns in generals, as I issue a big raspberry and a rap on the knuckles to the Bay Guardian.
Why? Simple. This editorial, from Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond loudly complained about the “lack of candidates” in the race in AD 12, and took a decidedly condescending tone towards Janet Reilly.
This, despite the fact she’s running a great campaign, and is likely one of the very few people running in the state much less so-called Liberal San Francisco on the issues the BG and “progressives” claim to care about. I guess you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t at the Guardian. At least self-styled “progressive” politicians are supporting Reilly!
As Mr. Redmond and co. point a finger at The Political Establishment, though, they’re going to notice 4 fingers pointing right back at them. That’s because both candidates have been running since last year, and this seat has been an “open” race for 2006 for a long time now. Everyone knew that.
Yet, the Guardian’s news coverage of the race, starting last year, has been barely noticeable, and I have seen no proclamations about this race, or the “lack of candidates” a year ago, 9 months ago, 6 months ago, or even 3 months ago. Yet now, 2 months before the election, the Guardian takes a “pox on both of you” tone, and treats a fresh face in politics like dirt. For shame.
Memo to the Guardian crew: Perhaps if you spent a little less time with dry cover stories about “Burning Man,” and other psuedo-edgy fare, and spent more time on, oh I don’t know, covering the politics and issues affecting the lives of ordinary San Franciscans with the investigative flair the paper was once known for in the old days, perhaps not only we might have candidates that are “better” in your view, but you might also find it easier to fend of challenges from chain papers who have you in their cross hairs.
Just a thought.

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