This is Getting Insane – All It Took Was A 5 Month Old Cartoon…

This is getting out of hand, folks. The enemies of freedom and free speech are on the march.
All it took was a 5 month old cartoon in a paper in one country, and suddenly we see riots, threats, and now the burning of embassies. All because of one simple little .
If you’re a , and you think these people are acting like thugs and idiots, it is your duty to speak up and say something. Please. Otherwise you’re just as guilty as the ones that attack freedom and free speech.
Funny, Muslim papers print virulent racist anti Semitic and anti American and anti Christian stuff all the time, and yet….I have yet to see people burning the Saudi Embassy. Hmm. Oh and it’s funny how these people ask the GOVERNMENTS of and Europe to stop the presses. I guess if you live in a country where the government is an autocratic dictatorship, the concept of a free and independent press might be difficult to grasp.
What’s saddest is seeing Bill Clinton and our own State Department take the side of these rioting thugs. Sad, but predictable. I guess Hillary has to raise money or something.
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