Dubai or Not Dubai? That is The Question….

Ok, help me out here:
We’ve been told non-stop for 5 years in earnest that Muslim terrorists are the enemy (and they are. Really!) And we’ve been told we have to do all kinds of Tough Sounding Stuff to said folks, because who knows which one might be The Bad One.
People ran for political office jumping up and down saying Their Party was better than The Other Party at keeping Those People and the Bad Ones out of our country! Bad people! We better at stopping Bad People than Other Party. And by a slim margin , they beat out The Other Party (who voted for something before they voted blah blah blah)
Now, someone decided it was ok to allow one foreign company (a British one – hey didn’t we fight a couple o’ wars against these guys or something?) who was running some of our ports to sell their biz to another company, one in Dubai, an Arab Muslim country, and more to the point, one owned by the government of Dubai.
The President says he didn’t know. Then they say there was a secret deal between the White House and the Dubai Folks. The President seems genuinely stunned that people with R’s next to their name are upset. The President and his handlers seem really shocked a lot of people with all sorts of letters next to their name are “upset.”
All I can say is, it’s time for the Bush folks to take some classes at No Duh University. Regardless of the details, how in the world can anyone think in today’s world that selling 6 ports’ managment to a company run by folks that worship the same moon god and have the same looks and language as Those Bad Ones won’t raise a whole lotta ruckus?
Ever get the impression most people who run things at the corporate and governmental level honestly have no idea what they’re doing? I mean, really. Either these folks are genuinely that stupid (and let’s face it, one group of folks had full control over 3 branches of government and more) or really conniving and doing something we just haven’t heard about yet.
Meanwhile, no one seems to notice that most big companies and operatios and industries we have are being sold to China….next time you buy a “ThinkPad” remember – the Chinese Government gets a piece of the action. In fact…the Chinese goverment gets a piece of all the action of every company that does a “joint venture” in allegedly capitalist China.
The Chinese figured it out. Socialism can make a buck. You just have to let outsiders come and use your cheap labor and cut them in on the profits. Eventually, you’ll make your bucks and take over their industries. Who cares about fidelity to Lenin, when you can have it both ways?
Dubai? What? Is there even going to be a Dubai in 20-30 years? I know there will be a China…
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