Did Gov. Schwarzenegger Accept STOLEN Funds For His Campaign and Consultants??

OK. It’s time to take the circus tent called “The Doofinator’s Follies” down. This is just getting out of hand.
First, we find out he’s collecting rent from his many campaign committees, so all those special interest dollars are making their way directly into his pocket. Loyal readers first read about this, and saw the offices in question here at Schädelmann.com.
Next, we find out that he didn’t tell the truth about the millions of dollars in income he was getting from two magazines, which rely on large ads from the “supplement” industry to stay afloat. Curiously, he vetoed bills that would have restricted dangerous supplements and steroids to kids in school athletics.
Being the Doofinator, he initially refused to stop his ethically-questionable deal until the heat got to be too much for The Doofinator, and he relented. Never underestimate the fear this guy has of Not Being Liked!
And then, of course, we find out why so many of the Doofinator’s unpopular ballot initiative campaigns press on, despite losing money and going into debt – it seems his taxpayer-funded staff is making hundreds of thousands of dollars off these committees, allegedly in their spare time.
Again, loyal readers know the Governor’s inimitably charmless spokesman has spent some state time reading this site. Makes you wonder, though, if they keep pushing these things to make a quick buck off their boss’s fundraising efforts. Might be compromising their judgement, no?
But now there’s something way more serious – the growing evidence the Governor took stolen money from Tom Noe, who conned Ohio’s leadership into investing funds from the Worker’s Compensation Fund into rare coins – and then stole the proceeds from the taxpayers!
It’s an ugly, sick, story of greed, corruption, and how the proceeds from said stealing from taxpayers made its way into many GOP campaigns as well. Google and read about the mess – it’s quite a sordid tale.
This morning, we found out that money from one of the accounts in question made it all the way to the Doofinator’s campaign coffers, and there’s no word yet if he still has the money, if he’s returned it, or what.
Regardless, it says a lot when the Governor of California spends so much time campaigning and raising record millions to fund his campaign consultants, staff moonlighting income, and all those signature gatherers, and so little time actually doing the job he claimed he wanted in 2003, that we’re now actually trying to find out if he took a crook’s money – one who ripped of the taxpayers to the tune of millions.
It’s not enough his “poll numbers are down.” It’s time to send this circus out of town and get an adult in office. Are the folks running up to the job? It’s unclear. Why, oh why, can’t we get a true statesman (or stateswoman?) to lead this state for a change, instead of dull politicians who spend all their time raising money, or has-been actors who spend all their time raising money?
Anyone? Anyone?
PS: If you’d like to show how much you’re fed up, I still have a stash of these posters from the 2003 recall – if you’d like one please make an offer!
UPDATE: Well it seems once again the Governor named Doofinator has done it again. After finding out the source of the contribution, he refused to return it, then gave it BACK to the crook in question, rather than donate the money to the state of Ohio from where it was stolen. President Bush and others did the right thing and returned the donations to the state, but Schwarzenegger didn’t. Strange that not one California media outlet has picked up on this, and I gotta read it in the Akron and Toledo papers. Hmm.
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