Quick Hit- How Many Loopholes Must the Doofinator Jump Through?

It’s no secret I’ve not been posting nearly as much as I normally did. Even as I approach my two year anniversary (!) on Journalspace, I’m finding that I’m really starting to lose interest in trying to comment and write on politics when all of the news is just so f_cked up. Every time I think we’ve hit a plateu in lying, groupthink, and the spectacular nature of lying and deception these days, something new comes along to top it. At this point, working on documentary films that have nothing to do with current events, or writing books on Anything Else starts to have a real appeal.
Take for example the latest in a string of fibs and obfuscations the People’s Doofinator has been pulling lately. (The others have been in the headlines plenty – this is the latest!)
First it was the fibbing about the million dollar payments from the supplement advertisers – saying at first the money was going to a charity, then finding out of course it wasn’t.
Now we find out the Governor is raising money for his PACs, and then taking money back to his personal pocket in the form of rent at his offices at 3110 Main St. in Santa Monica.
Sure, it’s not “him” it’s his company, Main St. Plaza, which is owned by The Doofinator, but I suppose Clinton/Bush-like hedging of rhetoric is the standard of politicians these days, so it’s OK. And, as always there’s a legion of folks who have the political discipline of the Soviet Politburo to defend these shenanigans because He’s Their Guy.
Whatever. It’d be nice to think that the declining poll numbers for Doofinator, et al would mean that Californians are finally realizing it’s time to take the circus tent down and find someone else who is less prone to lying and cheating to take office, but I would not bet on it.
However, if you, or your assorted friends, allies, and whatnots are tired of it, and would like to make a real stink about it, why not visit the Governor’s restaurant and have a nice, good old fashioned hippie sit-in to protest the guy?
Sure, it’s probably a surefire way to go to the can for a few days, but you’ll at least know you made someone’s day as miserable as the rest of ours. Or something.
Meanwhile, here’s the Doofinator’s “Death Star” on Main st. by my old house:

PS: I am getting all sorts of young people asking me about how to “get into politics.” My advice – stay out of it. Unless you want to become an election law attorney. There are so few out there now, that if you were to specialize in election law, you’d make a fortune. Even if we had 10x the number of election lawyers, there’d STILL be enough work for everyone, and then some. If I was wiser when I was smarter I would have done so myself ages ago and saved myself a lot of hassle (and have a lot more cash in the bank as well). Sure the alka-seltzer bill would be high, but so would the Retire Early and Move to Panama fund.
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