Fear and Loathing in Spokane, WA: Power Tripper and Hypocrite Jim West EXPOSED

So, Angelenos, you think you have it bad with your mayor?
Well then, take a look at the lovely saga unfolding in Spokane, Washington, where conservative Republican Mayor Jim West and his “hobby” of engaging in conversation with young men and boys on gay chatrooms (on city time and computers) has blown wide open, thanks to a lengthy piece of investigative journalism by the Spokesman-Review newspaper.
Folks, it ain’t a pretty sight. After using extremist language tarring his political oppoents, fanning the flames of anti-gay hysteria, and supporting extreme measures against citizens who were gays and lesbians, it turns out Jim West’s not the guy we thought he was.
Seems his idea of a good time is to go to online chatrooms, and try to date men less than half his age by luring them with taxpayer funded gifts, on city computers and time.
Check out the transcripts of the chat sessions – they are very startling – and very NC-17 rated, so kids, be careful, ok?
I knew of Jim West when I lived in Seattle and worked with people in the Legislature during West’s tenure, and I always thought the guy was a petty tyrant. You know, the kind of bellowing bully people are afraid to take on – but when they do they back down like the wimps they really are.
There were the rumors, of course, but personally I don’t care if someone is gay, nor do I want to see them punished simply for that fact.
This is not the case with Jim West. Mr. West is getting the political equivalent of a blowtorch and pliers because he’s an abusive, power-tripping individual, one who slammed political opponents with “gay” slurs, and one who used taxpayer money to try and have sex with young men.
He’s always been a thug and a bully, and if he is finally getting the political come-uppance he deserves for his behavior, which is the case here, then I’m not going to shed any tears for him, gay or not.
If you’re still unsure what kind of a guy he is, then check out this recording of a death threat made by West to Tom McCabe, the head of the homebuilder’s association in Washington state. He was prosecuted by the Thurston County prosecutor, and he ended up having to pay $500 fine, and apologize for his outburst.
(Special thanks go to Mike Sando, who posted the original files years ago on his former blog in 1998!)
Click here to hear the voice mail message!
Anyway, the next time you’re moaning about the behavior of Jimi Hahn, Tony Villaraigosa, or the rest of the crew in California, just remember: it could be worse. A lot worse.
PS: Another Journalspace blogger, “Punditz” offers a different view on the subject. Check it out and see what you think.
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