Short Update: Governor’s Trustworthiness an Issue?

For some odd reason I’m having some strange issues with my net connection while on the road, so until I get them sorted out posting may be delayed.
In the meantime, the San Jose Mercury had two interesting articles about our Governor that are worth reading.
The first is from today’s paper, which details the extensive use of credit-card style borrowing in Governor Doofinator’s budget, far worse than anything Gov. Davis could have dreamed up. And yet the GOP chorus says our Governor is “fiscally responsible.”
The other is from Sunday, which details how the Governor’s much heralded “deal making” last year, which produced all sorts of agreements with concenred consitutent groups, was a smoke screen. He has gone back on his word in record time, and it just goes to show that smile and glitz make us all feel great, but if they charm you while they’re lying, they’re not good leaders. They’re con artists.
More later once this Net issue gets resolved.
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