Politics and Music, Part XXVVII

This week a number of high profile organizations announced some equally high profile music concerts aimed squarely at the presidential race. In the past there have been celebrities on all sides who’ve helped out campaigns or causes, but this marks the first cycle where we’ve seen so many larger-scale events, with many musicisans who don’t usually do this sort of thing. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and it makes me wonder if in fact we’re seeing something permanent to the scene, or if politics is the “fashionable” thing to do this year.
In Los Angeles, the RedefeatBush.com team is putting together an all-acoustic show, entitled Unplug Bush at the El Rey Theater on August 10th.
The Redefeatbush.com folks seem to have a knack for organizing events that appeal to a younger, more alternative crowd – but they don’t just put on a good show, they also get people to actually do something while having fun. If you live in the greater LA area and are looking for something fun to do, buy a ticket online and you might even see me there lending a hand.
Also interesting was the announcement that Bruce Springsteen agreed to headline the Moveon.org PAC concert tour this fall. Springsteen has been asked by both parties to participate in elections since the 80s but he has always declined to do so for various reasons. Thus it was significant that he’s finally decided to come out of the woodwork, and has done so in support of a group like MoveOn.
I have to admit, I was rather surprised, not in a “good” way or a “bad” way, just surprised to see he was getting involved so publicly. I’ve seen this over and over again – people who never get involved in the process are voluntarily getting involved in the process like never before. It’s fortunate we have so many options and organizations for people to choose from to do so, because quite frankly, I don’t know that aging party apparatuses (apparatii?) have the ability to assimilate so many diverse people into their ranks and put them to work.
In an era of 527s, and other assorted organizations, we now finally have more and more ways for more and more people to get involved the way that is best for them. The whiners and killjoys in politics may bemoan so many new groups, but it’s safe to say that without ’em we’d be stuck with too much “politics as usual” (i.e. boring) – and that’s no fun for anyone!
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