CDP Update #4- Quick Quotables from Sen. John Burton, et al

Quick update: Sen. John Burton, the President Pro Tem, had some appropriate comments this afternoon I thought I’d reprint here for fun:
“We show up at these conventions , pass resolutions, stand around outside the hall bullshitting with each other, and when we leave we think we’ve done something, but we’ve done nothing. The only think that will win is for us to go out and work.”
Refreshing dose of reality in a convention setting. The state is all the poorer for losing this man to artificial term limits.
Ex-Gov. Gray Davis also made a very brief appearance to delegates who gave him a friendly welcome. “Last year I had a few ups and downs, as you might have heard. How was your year?” he quizzed delegates.
Still, as he mingled afterwards with the folks one on one, he seemed to have a genuine sense of relief he’s out of office and had a rare smile on his face. Carry on, Gray.

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