CDP Update #2- Today’s Agenda

Good Morning, loyal readers! Getting ready to head over to the convention and check out the morning’s circus. Scheduled to speak are California’s illustrious statewide officers, includind the now infamous Bill Lockyer, and Steve “I’m with Doofinator” Westly. It will be interesting to see how both are received by this rabid pack of Democratic partisands.
Big noise rumbling amongst delegates continues to be the constant attacks on Dean and its effect on his standing in Iowa polls. If things continue to get nasty, or Washington Insiders claw their way to the top via a bloody negative race, it could be bad news for everyone, including the Insider that wins.
More later…Since the CDP has no lockable storage for my Powerbook I’m locking it up here at the Fairmont, and will update at lunchtime. Hopefully by then there’ll be something fun to report.

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