California Democratic Party Covention Coverage All Weekend!

Friday’s regular update will not be seen tomorrow as I’ll be on the road to San Jose to go to the Democratic Convention in San Jose. I’ll be posting updates throughout the weekend of the convention, the hospitality suites and anything else of note. Rev. Al Sharpton and Rep. Dennis Kucinch will be there as will all sorts of other good folks.
Keep checking for updates as the weekend progresses and a final write up on the convention next week!
PS: Next time someone starts mouthing off about how “liberal” the media is, send them this link which contains a study showing how the media trash Dean relentlessly, regardless of the facts.
True, Dean’s going to have to deal with worse from the quarter-billion dollar RNC attack machine but one would think journalists have better things to do with their time than fancy themselves decisionmakers for us peasants out here in the provinces.

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