Quick Hit- Those Electronic Election(eering) Machines

This week I’ve been busy with deadlines for a number of projects so posting has taken a back seat to all sorts of fun and interesting projects – all of which have NDAs attached to them so I can’t talk about them! So here’s a quick hit for everyone this Friday:
Annalee Newitz writes a great column at the Bay Guardian that focuses on technology and cultural issues. This week’s column focuses on the growing amount of doubt regarding the integrity and reliability the largest producer of electronic voting machines, Diebold.
Most people are not aware that not only is this company a major donor to the Bush re-election campaign, ALL companies that make electronic voting machines are Bush Pioneer/Ranger/Thundercat/Whatever donor/fundraisers.
You can also read internal memos from Diebold itself that upon closer inspection reveal a lot more than they’d like. George Orwell had no idea it would be this easy did he?
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