ART ATTACK 2003! – A review!

Saturday night was the big night for Robbie Conal’s latest Art Attack on Los Angeles on the Recall here so I dropped by to attend as a non-objective journalist and see what was happening. I wasn’t sure what to expect but figured I could give up my usual Saturday doings to see what others were doing for La Causa days before the recall election.
Turnout at this thing was incredible! Usually when you go to these sorts of things there’s a gang of usual suspects that shows up and does its thing, and that’s that. The scene at Canter’s Deli was quite the opposite. The crowd was huge!
It wasn’t the size alone that made the turnout so impressive – it was the diversity of the group that caught me off guard. There were Usual Suspects, high school kids, college students, senior citizens, concerned citizens, high-falutin’ professional types, and a lot of Regular Folks, all concerned about the election, and all wanting to do SOMETHING, anything to get the word out before election day.
That positive attitude – a “we can do it” attitude versus an angry, resigned, defeatist one – was something that was encouraging to watch. People were ready to put their feet on the ground and do something that would bypass the mass media and attempt to reach voters just a few days before the election, instead of just sitting at home and being pissed off. It was a good event and fun to attend – Robbie Conal and everyone involved deserve a high-five from the rest of us.
On Sunday I got ahold of a friend’s digital camera and shot some video and still pictures on Main Street in Santa Monica to see if any posters made it here in the heart of Arnold Country (his main offices are on Main Street). Sure enough some did!
Here’s a traffic light box with the poster, intact.
Here are some citizens checking out posters at Main and Hollister at a construction site….that one that has the “post no bills” sign stenciled in.
Someone violated Robbie’s “Guerilla Etiquette” and posted one over by Rockenwagner – not cool, kids! Remember you’re not supposed to post on private property!
Check out more images my gallery at journalspace. As I get more pictures I’ll be posting them here and updating the site.
Note to Arnold Supporters, Law Enforcement Personnel, and Other Concerned Citizens: I can verify that I myself engaged in no illegal activities. Really. If you need proof I have plenty! Honest!
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