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Confused by the URL?

If you typed in the URL to my old blog at , you have been redirected to my new blog, still under construction. My site at Journalspace will officially end its paid service as of June 10th, but a new site will be up here LONG before that!
Until then, check out my other site at the N-Judah Chronicles while we finish this site up!

Two Years Later – Some Things Change, and Some Things Don’t

Today (July 21st) marks the official Two Year Anniversary of my contribution to the great store of knowledge online. I suppose it’d be a bigger deal if I was a regular on CNN’s “On the Blogs” crap-fest or was part of some great big media conglomerate (or wannabe conglomerate), but so what?
When I first started this, I really never thought I’d be keeping up with it for very long. I had just moved to Los Angeles with a vague sense of dissatisfaction with my then-current state of affairs, and wanted to live near the beach.
But after a couple of months I was getting bored, and I was getting more work as a writer. Which was fine, since that was what I programmed to do for my entire life, except for one thing: I hadn’t worked as a professional writer in a while, and it was taking me too long to get my pieces done on time.
A friend suggested a “blog” as a way to get back up to my old speed and here we are, two years later. Back in 2003 a “blog” was a bit of a novelty – today the word “blog” is so overused, and the nature of “blogging”, once a grassroots, informal network of folks offering their opinions for the hell of it, is now becoming a messier, less classy version of the media behemoths it claims to be against. The famous Maddox opines more thoughtfully than I do about some of the inanities of some bloggers – you can read that here.
A year ago I was still having fun with this site, as you can read here, but a year later a lot’s changed. I’m finding myself less and less interested in debunking mythology and the BS we’re getting jammed in to our living rooms every day by the mass media and the political system – the BS is too much, too fast, and frankly, I’m not as interested in it any more.
Plus, the nature of my work has changed. Whereas, I used to work as primarily a political consultant offering training and direct mail consulting, and spent a lot of time out and about, now I work primarily as a copywriter to other firms, and I’m also working in collaboration with award winning film director William Gazecki on a feature documentary about the Screen Actor’s Guild, which has been a lot of fun to contribute to.
Had it not been for my brief stint helping out with a friend’s SAG signatory production, Four Weeks Four Hours, last year in the hot desert (which you can read about here!) I might not have been able to work on this project. Just goes to show no effort put forth is wasted. And the movie came out OK too!
But I digress. I like in general the direction things are taking, as I enjoy the kind of work I do a lot more than having to deal with multiple, lazy, stupid politicians like I usually do. The only downside is that after a day of studying, reading, writing, and researching, I find myself less interested in sitting down for another couple of hours researching, reading and typing up a decent, non-craptacular blog entry.
So at this point I’m starting to re-think the whole concept of the site. I like publishing something online, if for no other reason than to make sure I stay on the first page of a Google search of my name. I do plan on offering some tools online for those who’d like to get involved in politics – a delayed announcement is coming next week. Really.
However, to make this something worth my time to invest in, and something worth anyone’s time to read (vs. the zillions of crappy blogs, big and low budget, that are out there now), it’s clear that one has to assess the changes in “blogging” and online publishing that have occurred so far, and try and look ahead and adapt and overcome as needed. If there is one thing I’m learning a lot about right now, it’s the importance of being able to evolve, vs. staying stuck doing one thing for one’s entire life, careerwise, or otherwise.
So if you’ve been reading, thanks, and if this is your first time, peruse the User’s Guide and the archives, and I’m sure you’ll find something you like. And if you’ve landed here from a Google via The Doofinator’s office, all I can say is, you really should have listened to me two years ago. I would have worked for a lot less, and you’d not be in such a mess.
Oh, but that’s another column.
PS: Feel free to make contributions via the PayPal Button on the left, or send cases of Schlitz Beer, or DVDs, comics, or other merchandise. Email me and I’ll tell you where to send the loot!
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On the Road and Misc. Detritus from Blogs in LA…

Loyal Readers: From now until the new year, posting will be quite light as I’m on the road (again) visiting relatives. But I’ll be back up and running on Jan. 1.
Until then, you can follow the mushrooming non-controversial controversy that has been developing between Martini Republic and local Los Angeles blogger Cathy Seipp. You can read her entry at the National Review Online or an earlier version on her personal blog, and MR’s response.
I don’t like to indulge in the all-too-common spectacle of Trashing Other People’s Blogs, something that so many in the “blogosphere” seem to do. It’s usually childish, and after all, if we all have our own blogs, we can say what we want, and who cares what someone else writes, right?
That said, I find this particular mini-mushroom cloud of rhetoric somewhat entertaining. Why? Because the Martini Republic crew is engaging in the classic behavior of a blogger(s) who get more traffic by attacking more well known bloggers. That, and cultivating the kind of “yell first, questions later” rhetoric usually associated with the Right.
Which is odd, because on paper I should like the Martini Republic site. I like martinis, they like them too. They write about politics from the lefter side, so do I (usually). They seem to be like good folks, and I’m a good guy.
But after watching these over-dramatic mini-storms play out constantly, I get the impression these are easily excitable people, the type which kick your ass when you agree with them, and kick your ass when you do not. In other words, just writing this column will probably earn me a flame on their site.
I guess I should count myself lucky in that I got a nice snarky comment when responding to an earlier hullaballoo about Bob Hertzberg’s web ads (another non-controversy fanned by MR).
It had that particular brand of snark whereby the poster “responds” to things you never wrote in the first place, and then backpedals when challenged. I got several emails from folks saying more or less the same thing, and I put down my flame thrower to try and engage in some civilized conversation. Never heard back from ’em either. Hmm.
Reponding to such things didn’t result in a lot of added traffic to my site, though. Perhaps by posting this one I’ll get “more readers” to my site. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?
Maybe not. Either way, this is probably the last time I’ll ever comment on another blog, aside from recommendations in the links section. Happy New Year!
UPDATE: After getting some comments and several emails saying “no we don’t  attack other blogs” this article appeared at Mack Reed’s LA VOICE website that more or less says that MR has appointed itself the liberal version of the right wing attack dog.
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Short Update: On the way

Hey Gang:
My normal update on Friday is coming late this evening due to several work projects under the gun.
In the meantime, I’d invite you all to check out a project I’m working on – it is an Independent film feature directed by my good friend Alexis which I am now the “producer” for. It is a great story called Four Weeks Four Hours.
The first part of the film has been shot, and you can watch clips of it in a rough trailer at the site. We’re actively casting for the second part of the film – if you or anyone you know is an actor/actress in the Los Angeles area, or better yet if you or anyone you know wants to help us with locations, money, a Hummer, money, or money, feel free to email me and I’ll get the gears in motion.
Check back late late tonight for a “real” update! Thanks!
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