The Lies of Hillary and John, Contrasted With The Truth Barry Told Us….

See, this is the thing. (“What is the thing” you ask?)
But here it is. Sen. Obama calls BS on President Clinton’s fellating of a so-called “Free Trade” deal with Colombia, Sen. Hillary’s top advisor “Fake Quits” after it is revealed he was pimping the deal, and all they have left is to attack Barry with some BS nonsense he didn’t say!
Wonderful. And this is better than the lying regime of Bush/Cheney HOW?
So just in case the HillarBill’s got you all worked up, here’s what Barry said ,verbatim. I think he calls BS fairly well in that the talkers can keep talkin’ but they can’t deny that the rest of us are getting the shaft. And it’s not like Syria, Colombia, or these other countries are at least doing us the favor of buying us dinner before “the act.” And hey, at least he’s not having his 12th CD caucus in frakking Hillsborough at the school named after a robber baron!
C’mon, Colombia and C’mon Hillary. Your buddy Mark Penn earns enough to buy multiple houses in Georgetown and piss on his neighbors. Where’s my spy camera and where is my steak dinner, gents? If you’re gonna continue to frak with my economy, at least buy me a good dinner. With drinks. Al Gore at least has a little honor, why can’t you copy THAT from the 90s instead of the sleazy lies Bill built his post-presidential biz on ?

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