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Just What ARE All The Free Things You Can Get In SF On Your Birthday?

My birthday is this Saturday, the first time it's been on a Saturday in ages. Past birthdays have ranged from elaborate events, to unplanned "happenings" that end up as big as elaborate events, without the expense and effort. In 2007, I suggested the Mayor spend his birthday the way I did that year, and last year, oh I went to the Blackthorn with friends (yay!), and had Critical Mass on that day too (boo!).

This year the Outside Lands music festival will be going on, which means tons of people in the neighborhood, and I was thinking of leaving town, but I'm most likely going to stick around here. Because Burning Man starts on Monday, I'm guessing that the exodus starts this weekend (in the past it's been in full swing ON my birthday, which has its benefits.)

I really hadn't planned too far ahead this year, as I'm more concerned with other things, but it occurred to me that perhaps this year might be the year to do all the free things one can do on their birthday. Now, a free Denny's breakfast is nice and all, but I've gotta believe there's more. So, I'm asking the Internet for advice ,and if I can find enough stuff to do, I'll do a photo series/blog post here and cross post it at the More Popular Blog.

So, fire away your suggestions in the comments! (and if you're feeling generous here's my wish list at Amazon for fun.)

PS: For the curious, among the many people that share this birthday are: John McCain, Weezy from the Jeffersons, Elliot Gould, Michael Jackson, SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi, my friend Angelie who is one of the awesome Muni Manners Ladies, Carla Gugino (yay!), Rebecca DeMornay, Joel Schumacher, Charlie Parker, Mr. Blackwell, and the Real John Locke (not the guy on LOST).

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